Innovative Learning

Innovative Practices Adopted in School

  • Science of Living:
  • We are organizing “Science of Living” activity once in a week, in which Yoga Aasans and Meditations are  being done.
  • Establishment of various Club:
  • Drama Club
  • Heritage Club
  • Eco- Club
  • Health & Sanitation Club
  • Annual Plan has been prepared for Various activities.
  • We conduct extra curriculum activities in Classes

Practices adopted for balancing the load of Homework

  • We have chart and picture based strategy . So, that automatically burden of homework comes down.
  • We focus on learning process for the students along with the smart board. So, that most of the time students keep busy themselves in learning more than writin
Achievements in Sports
  • Various matches have been played by our school in various games like as Kho- Kho, Cricket , Badminton, Kabaddi etc.
  • Regularly Tournaments are held in school to motivate and boost our student

Achievements in field of Arts Education

  • Charts & various projects are prepared by the students and we also conduct exhibition of the same for giving confidence and plate-form to the students.
  • There is one activity room in the School

Extra – Curricular activities

  • Every Saturday and on each sports day like Hindi Diwas, Gandhi Jayanti, Teacher’s Day etc. We plan extra co- curricular activities for development of students.
  • Speech Comp.
  • Debate Comp.
  • Fancy Dress Comp.
  • Drawing Comp